Wednesday 30 January 2013

Count down...

Time has been flying by, increasing in speed each day except for the days full of screaming. Those days drag on and on to remind me to savor the good time. My little baby Darius is now my big boy helper, my Mr.Eli is faster and more furious than a tornado, yet as gentle as a lamb...sometimes...and this baby girl in my belly reminds me daily that she is getting bigger and stronger as well. With just over ten weeks until baby girls arrival I've decided to make a top ten list of items to be completed in then next ten weeks. Here we go!

proof this belly exists

  1. Compile and submit Eli's baby book for printing - it's a doozy, but seriously how long can you put off such an important project? Apparently two years.
  2. Plan and decorate baby girls nursery.
  3. Finish the super hero bedroom for the boys.
  4. Choose and finish a quilt design for baby girl.
  5. Finish decorating the master bedroom.
  6. Walk everyday to build up strength and endurance for the marathon to come - yep, I'm talking to you labor.
  7. Enjoy yoga three times a week, also for labor prep.
  8. Sort through the boys toys and donate a bunch to charity.
  9. Spend time with friends every month [and yes I know its pathetic that 'spending time with friends' made it onto a to do list; but really if I don't plan/prioritize it, it's not going to happen.]
  10. Have a family over for dinner every month.
I know the next ten weeks are going to fly by, but at least I know they'll be productive weeks as I tick these big projects off one at a time! So excited for the boys room especially - its already looking so good...except for where Eli helped me paint. That part needs some TLC haha.


  1. Katie you are seriously a marathom mamma! Please teach me all your tips so I can learn your ways lol I can't believe you only have a few weeks left. Good luck with everything!! We should get together still before that sweet baby comes!

    1. We definitely do need to get together! And I received a lovely package in the mail - thanks for that ;)


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