Wednesday 13 June 2012

the mind

Have you ever set a lofty goal - and then fell flat on your face? Or have you set a goal that stretched your imagination, and then accomplished it and MORE? What is the deciding factor in this?

When I decided to run a marathon, I had a broken foot, my maximum distance was 15km up to that point [a marathon is 42.2km] and I chose a marathon less than 6 months away. And yet, I KNEW I could do it! I never really understood what the difference was between this goal, and so many others that I had set, but this one was, and I could feel it.

Bob Proctor is the first person that has explained to me why two people can set out on the same path, and one person will be wildly successful while the other will fall and never get up. It is fascinating - and so simple! Watch this gem of a video [thanks Les for sharing it with me!] and you'll have what you need to switch on success - it really is amazing!

Sunday 10 June 2012

Embracing the Moments

Being a Mama has taught me a few things:

1) I am stronger than I think and greater than I can imagine!

2) Giving up before you even try is the worst failure - lead by example and try, try again!

3) Get up overtime you fall!

4) Hugs and kisses are always needed, wanted, and appreciated!

5) Life is worth living to its fullest! Eat sand, get muddy, and go to bed exhausted!

6) Food is fuel in its purest form, and poison when genetically modified. Let food be thy medicine!

7) Early to bed, and early to rise really are wise words to live by.

8) Never stop learning, wondering, exploring, and inventing!

9) Saying "I'm sorry" is powerful and humbling.

10) Saying "I love you" can change everything!

My sweet boys [all three of them] keep me grounded and focused on what really matters - afternoons at the beach, cuddles before the sun rises, stories before bed. Life is full, good, challenging, and bright. Growth around every corner, and opportunity in every moment. Life is wonderful when you recognise all the amazing blessings you already have!