Monday 22 April 2013

Labor Goals

I am very much a goal oriented, list writing, one step at a time kinda gal. So naturally, when it comes to labor prep I am just as goal oriented. Yep, goals for labor. I have one specific goal for during labor, a goal that all women must hit but one that I'm making more clear to my minds eye with a visual I have posted on my bedroom mirror. 

I used this handy visual through my labor and delivery process with both the boys. Not only did it make more sense to  me when I would be told how far along I was, but I was able to focus my energy on getting to '10' with a definitive goal in mind. And so I look at this image several times a day, focus on relaxing, and feeling the strength, stretch, and power within me. Women are all different, but I find a clearly defined goal is helpful for everyone - and this goal is in the forefront of my mind these days.

Friday 19 April 2013

long week

I'm still here, still pregnant [38 weeks today!] and doing great. Sitting isn't always the most comfortable thing right now, which is why posting hasn't gotten done, despite being on my list each day. Sorry bout that! 
  Earlier this week I watched a TEDtalk on raising our children to be entrepreneurs  While I didn't agree with everything this man had to say, I really liked the bulk of his argument, and want to share his talk with you today. Go here, watch it and let me know your thoughts. I love his thoughts on allowance - definitely going to implement that in our house!
Also, today is a great friends birthday, and in her honor I wanted to do a gluten free round up - all my favorite gluten free treats I've shared over the couple of years of writing this blog! I hope you've tried some, if not all, of these; and if you haven't, you'll now have a handy resource to use in getting creative in the kitchen!

I hope you enjoy one of these treats this weekend with your loved ones - they're too good not to share! As for my amazing friend, I hope to be seeing her soon and sharing her favorite from this list - the flourless chocolate cake!

Friday 12 April 2013

37 weeks

 My goal all along with this pregnancy has been to break my pattern of going into labor a week earlier than the previous pregnancy,  be healthy, and avoid bed rest. I am thrilled that I have hit all three goals! These pictures were taken on the day I would have delivered my babe, had I kept with the pattern - 36 weeks and 2 days [Darius arrived at 38 weeks and 2 days, and Eli at 37 weeks and 2 days, both incidentally on a Friday evening as well.]

To say we're excited to meet this girl is an understatement, yet I am just so happy that she is growing, healthy, and staying put for a while longer. 

Wednesday 10 April 2013

yoga in the morning

I couldn't sleep this morning. 3:30 rolled around and I was brought out of a somewhat restful sleep by the sound of a bedroom door closing. I didn't know if it was a dream, or if one of my sweet little boys was soon to be standing beside my bedside looking for some room. I waited, then I got curious and check on the two of them. Sawing logs. Seeing their peaceful faces and hearing the soft sounds of sleep, I made my way back to bed where I laid wide awake until 5 when I decided to check emails. At 530 I started yoga. At 7 Eli noisily closed his door, and the day got rolling!
The yoga class I did this morning was held in my room, and was wonderful! I highly recommened it to everyone - but esspecially those with a baby on board. Lots of rythmic movement, deep breathing, and hip openning poses. 

An hour later I felt amazing, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead. Definitely will do this in early labour as well. The only downside I found with this routine is the lack of kegel exercises, but I simply added those in on my own. If you are new to kegels, or not sure if they're important, believe me that they make a BIG difference in the ability to effectively and efficiently give birth, and recover afterwards. There are other benefits as well, but when it comes to birth, kegels are a must do prep move!

Monday 8 April 2013

25 words

I've spent the past two days listening and learning at the feet of great and inspired men and women. By no means are they perfect, but their words were perfect for me at this time - they said exactly what I needed to hear right now. One speaker, Rosemary M. Wixom, related an experience a father had during a time of war. Having been away from his family for over two years, and not knowing if he'd ever see them again, he was suddenly given the chance to send a message home. The catch? He had to limit his letter to twenty five words. 
25 WORDS! 
Imagine with me for a moment now that you're in that situation - what would you write? Would you be concerned with instructing your children and making it known that this note truly was from you, as this man had been? Would your despair over the meager allowance of communication be enough to throw in the towel all together? What would you say? As I sat thinking about this situation  I truly thought over what I would say. Here are the things I would really want my kiddos and Hottie Husband to hear, after two years of not seeing them, and no promise I would ever see them again:

I LOVE YOU to the moon and back! 
Smile, Laugh, Love ALWAYS. 
Our family is FOREVER. 
Never give up; but always forgive.  

Think about it - what would you say? And now that you have it figured out, make that your motto for today. Don't wait until tragedy divides you from your kiddos to tell them how amazing they are, and how much they are loved. Make it your everyday mission.

Thursday 4 April 2013

It's a choice

I had something completely different planned for today's post, but after reading an article that my cousin posted to Facebook this morning, I feel a need to share it instead. Reading through this article, it really resonates with me. I come from an interesting background religion wise. I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and currently I am the only person in my immediate family whom is a member of the church. I know that my siblings and parents all left for their own personal reasons, and I know that some of those reasons stemmed out of hurt feelings. If you have ever dealt with hurt feelings within your own religious group, no matter the denomination, reading this article may bring some light to the situation. So, take a minute, be inspired by the sunny attitude of this fabulous blogger; let me introduce you to "Tattooed Mormon."

Tuesday 2 April 2013

March Recap

Wow! How did another month fly by??? Seriously time is going just a little too fast for me right now. Sure I've ticked many items off my to do list, but that doesn't mean I'm done everything I want to have done. Do you remember the list I made back at the end of January? Well, many of those items are completed! Here's the list, with the completed items crossed off - just the way I like them!

  • Compile and submit Eli's baby book for printing 
  • Plan and decorate baby girls nursery.
  • Finish the super hero bedroom for the boys.
  • Choose and finish a quilt design for baby girl.
  • Finish decorating the master bedroom.[almost done!]
  • Walk everyday to build up strength and endurance for the marathon to come - yep, I'm talking to you labor.
  • Enjoy yoga three times a week, also for labor prep.
  • Sort through the boys toys and donate a bunch to charity.
  • Spend time with friends every month [and yes I know its pathetic that 'spending time with friends' made it onto a to do list; but really if I don't plan/prioritize it, it's not going to happen.]
  • Have a family over for dinner every month.

  • I have figured out what I want for the master bedroom, done much of the work [including going to IKEA with my boys, hauling a book shelf out to my car, and bruising cutting myself fitting it into the car...yeah, sometimes my need to get things done outweighs reasonable thought...I spent the rest of the day recovering from that haha] and am sooo close to having it just right! And yes, I'll show you pictures of that too when it's all done. Right now the master bedroom is airing out, after having a wee little potty trained man who had a bad dream and couldn't relax in his bed, pee'd mine. He felt awful. I really didn't care...other than the fact that he pee'd my side of the bed, so I really didn't get much sleep through the rest of the night...

    Also, I've been doing pretty good at fitting in work outs, although they're much simpler than they used to be. For example, I'll load the boys up in the chariot, walk to the park, rest, walk home. Or, I'll do prenatal yoga then take a nap. Or do a weights circuit focused on the upper body, all while sitting on the exercise ball. Then go to bed. Ha! Yep, I'm slowing down. But that's okay - it's giving me an excuse to get more cuddles from my little men, play legos, and have bathes...

    ...slowing down is not so bad at all.