Friday 10 May 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide [for the fitness minded Mama}

Mother's Day gifts are funny. While I appreciate that there is a full day set apart to celebrate all the Mamas out there, I think that the spontaneous gifts of appreciation and love that are given through out the year are more meaningful. That being said, when it comes to Mother's Day, it would be a bummer to have no lovin' coming my I guess I'm still trying to find a balance between what I find meaningful, and what society has created as expectations. To make things simple for all those Hubby's and Kiddos whom are looking to spoil their Mama's on Sunday, I've been searching for the perfect [in my eyes] gifts to receive  There are many Mother's Day gift guides out there, but when I was looking through some of them over the past week, I noticed a specific trend of focusing on chocolates [don't get me wrong, I love chocolates] and other edible gifts, and not much in the way of long lasting gifts. I'm the kinda girl that has asked for a step for Christmas [my Hottie Husband didn't believe me when I asked for it...multiple times...and got me something else. Needless to say, he made me a step for the following Christmas when I asked for it again haha!] so maybe this gift guide won't suit you perfectly; But if it does, feel free to forward it to your kiddos or Husband to get them thinking about gifts YOU would like, instead of gifts THEY would enjoy borrowing, or helping to devour.

Gifts That Take Some Mullah

A Pedicure [as a fit gal, your feet take a beating!]

Personal Training Session[s]

Enjoy Freely Gifts

Time away to hike with a girlfriend 

family walk along the river or through a city park

home spa night

Last but not least, these two will always be winners in my books

Family Photo Session
my favorite photographers in the Calgary area are PMG Image, Eden Lang Pictures, and Lizzy Anne Photography. Or, you can get the amateur shutterbug in the family to snap one for you, like I did for my sister in law's family above.

Hot Mama Photoshoot
[this pic is actually of my sister who isn't a Mama, but she's just so pretty I had to share it as inspiration for others to go get dolled up and let a photographer capture your beauty!]

No matter what you give your Mama, make sure the kiddos fill out a Mother's Day questionnaire.  These things are priceless - and are a great milestone marker for Mama to save and reflect on. My Hottie Husband and I still laugh whenever we read one Darius filled out for Father's Day two years ago!

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