Monday 13 May 2013

The Mommy Mark

Darius is a precocious, inquisitive five year old. Having him along for the ride through pregnancy, delivery, and the newborn stage this time around has been an adventure all in itself. He questions everything that goes on, wants to know how and why everything works, and makes me think good and hard about the miracle of life through it all. One thing that has captured his attention from day one of pregnancy is,"but how does baby eat when she's in your tummy?" We discussed his question and I explained what an umbilical cord is and how it takes food from Mama and puts it straight into baby's tummy. I told him that after a baby is born and can eat with it's mouth, the umbilical cord falls off and the mark left behind is called a belly button; Darius raised his shirt to look at his own belly button. Darius thinks this is awesome - and for good reason! We each have a reminder, a very real part of us, of the miracle of life and the gift from our Mother's as they sustained us in the womb. Belly button is synonymous with "Mommy Mark" in our house now, as this is the very real physical connection we all had with our Moms. 
As we cuddle in bed in the morning the boys will examine their belly buttons, check out Daddy's belly button, and stare at their sisters healing belly button. And through it all I feel incredibly blessed. Blessed that my body allowed me to be apart of the miracle of life. Blessed that these three wonderful little souls could survive on the less than stellar umbilical cords my body makes [all three of my kiddos had single vessel cords.] And blessed beyond measure to be Mother.  

Happy [belated] Mother's Day

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