Monday 22 April 2013

Labor Goals

I am very much a goal oriented, list writing, one step at a time kinda gal. So naturally, when it comes to labor prep I am just as goal oriented. Yep, goals for labor. I have one specific goal for during labor, a goal that all women must hit but one that I'm making more clear to my minds eye with a visual I have posted on my bedroom mirror. 

I used this handy visual through my labor and delivery process with both the boys. Not only did it make more sense to  me when I would be told how far along I was, but I was able to focus my energy on getting to '10' with a definitive goal in mind. And so I look at this image several times a day, focus on relaxing, and feeling the strength, stretch, and power within me. Women are all different, but I find a clearly defined goal is helpful for everyone - and this goal is in the forefront of my mind these days.

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