Tuesday 2 April 2013

March Recap

Wow! How did another month fly by??? Seriously time is going just a little too fast for me right now. Sure I've ticked many items off my to do list, but that doesn't mean I'm done everything I want to have done. Do you remember the list I made back at the end of January? Well, many of those items are completed! Here's the list, with the completed items crossed off - just the way I like them!

  • Compile and submit Eli's baby book for printing 
  • Plan and decorate baby girls nursery.
  • Finish the super hero bedroom for the boys.
  • Choose and finish a quilt design for baby girl.
  • Finish decorating the master bedroom.[almost done!]
  • Walk everyday to build up strength and endurance for the marathon to come - yep, I'm talking to you labor.
  • Enjoy yoga three times a week, also for labor prep.
  • Sort through the boys toys and donate a bunch to charity.
  • Spend time with friends every month [and yes I know its pathetic that 'spending time with friends' made it onto a to do list; but really if I don't plan/prioritize it, it's not going to happen.]
  • Have a family over for dinner every month.

  • I have figured out what I want for the master bedroom, done much of the work [including going to IKEA with my boys, hauling a book shelf out to my car, and bruising cutting myself fitting it into the car...yeah, sometimes my need to get things done outweighs reasonable thought...I spent the rest of the day recovering from that haha] and am sooo close to having it just right! And yes, I'll show you pictures of that too when it's all done. Right now the master bedroom is airing out, after having a wee little potty trained man who had a bad dream and couldn't relax in his bed, pee'd mine. He felt awful. I really didn't care...other than the fact that he pee'd my side of the bed, so I really didn't get much sleep through the rest of the night...

    Also, I've been doing pretty good at fitting in work outs, although they're much simpler than they used to be. For example, I'll load the boys up in the chariot, walk to the park, rest, walk home. Or, I'll do prenatal yoga then take a nap. Or do a weights circuit focused on the upper body, all while sitting on the exercise ball. Then go to bed. Ha! Yep, I'm slowing down. But that's okay - it's giving me an excuse to get more cuddles from my little men, play legos, and have bathes...

    ...slowing down is not so bad at all.

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