Friday 19 April 2013

long week

I'm still here, still pregnant [38 weeks today!] and doing great. Sitting isn't always the most comfortable thing right now, which is why posting hasn't gotten done, despite being on my list each day. Sorry bout that! 
  Earlier this week I watched a TEDtalk on raising our children to be entrepreneurs  While I didn't agree with everything this man had to say, I really liked the bulk of his argument, and want to share his talk with you today. Go here, watch it and let me know your thoughts. I love his thoughts on allowance - definitely going to implement that in our house!
Also, today is a great friends birthday, and in her honor I wanted to do a gluten free round up - all my favorite gluten free treats I've shared over the couple of years of writing this blog! I hope you've tried some, if not all, of these; and if you haven't, you'll now have a handy resource to use in getting creative in the kitchen!

I hope you enjoy one of these treats this weekend with your loved ones - they're too good not to share! As for my amazing friend, I hope to be seeing her soon and sharing her favorite from this list - the flourless chocolate cake!

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