Monday 8 April 2013

25 words

I've spent the past two days listening and learning at the feet of great and inspired men and women. By no means are they perfect, but their words were perfect for me at this time - they said exactly what I needed to hear right now. One speaker, Rosemary M. Wixom, related an experience a father had during a time of war. Having been away from his family for over two years, and not knowing if he'd ever see them again, he was suddenly given the chance to send a message home. The catch? He had to limit his letter to twenty five words. 
25 WORDS! 
Imagine with me for a moment now that you're in that situation - what would you write? Would you be concerned with instructing your children and making it known that this note truly was from you, as this man had been? Would your despair over the meager allowance of communication be enough to throw in the towel all together? What would you say? As I sat thinking about this situation  I truly thought over what I would say. Here are the things I would really want my kiddos and Hottie Husband to hear, after two years of not seeing them, and no promise I would ever see them again:

I LOVE YOU to the moon and back! 
Smile, Laugh, Love ALWAYS. 
Our family is FOREVER. 
Never give up; but always forgive.  

Think about it - what would you say? And now that you have it figured out, make that your motto for today. Don't wait until tragedy divides you from your kiddos to tell them how amazing they are, and how much they are loved. Make it your everyday mission.

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