Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Time Crunched

Between work, travel, catching up with friends - and of course being a Mama! - I have had little to no down time in the past few weeks! It seems like every moment I think I will have to sit down and ruminate for a minute gets swept up in reading Bob the Builder, making popcorn, playing at the park, or returning phone calls! Not that I'm complaining! In fact its quite the opposite, I have been having a great time with my little family as summer has finally decided to arrive in our neck of the woods.

 The important thing to remember, health wise, when life sweeps you up and carries you with the current, is to stay consistent in choosing good foods, making fitness a priority, and getting the sleep your body needs - regardless of the length of your 'to do' list! Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point illustrated this point perfectly today, so instead of reiterating, I am going to gladly link you over to her! Have you seen her blog before? I seriously love it! And for time crunched fitness, head on over to for 12 minute workouts - a great alternative to doing nothing when you only have minutes to spare!

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