Tuesday 29 March 2011

“Is this a Good Activity?”

(Are there any Brian Reagan fans out there? If you haven’t heard of this comic genius, look him up on YouTube and it will be your ab work out for the day.)
Yesterday we made the trek out to see the in laws, and get our house on the market. While there visiting, we did our usual small-town Alberta activity – swimming. Awesome Hubby and I have made an effort since Darius was young to make fitness a family activity. So, while we may be into lifting weights, running, and the such, these forms of fitness are not exactly baby or toddler (unless your Darius) friendly. Enter swimming! Swimming is a perfect introduction to functional fitness, as anyone of any size, age, whatever, can don a bathing suit, get in the pool and splash around. Eli went swimming last night for the first time, and loved it – seriously what’s not to love about a hot and humid environment when you’re fresh from the original sauna?

If you are not a swimmer, and don’t intend to try it out, here is a list of other family friendly fitness excursions and activities. Give them a try – you might just have fun!
Go for a bike ride,
or a walk,
or try hiking!
Playing at park,
have a dance party,
or play basketball/soccer/volleyball/baseball (or pass, shooting, catch if only a few people are available.)
Remember frisbee,
and four square?
Or try the new XBOXKinect,
the original Wii Fit,
or exhilarating Rock Climbing!
Do you have a favorite family activity? Is your family looking forward to warm summer months to roam outdoors? or is your family more of a winter sport group? 

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