Friday, 25 March 2011

Party Time!

Darius, Eli and I had a great pary last night! With the food all layed out, we opened the laptop on the counter (we couldn't find the game on tv, but no worries as all games are broadcast online.) We set Darius' nerf hoop up on the kitchen pantry, and played ball, while watching ball - a great way to celebrate! Darius had his first experiance yelling at the tv - well, computer - and it was so fun to watch how excited he became watching the game. While our team didn't win (a loss by 9 in over time), we still had a great party!

Eli enjoying the game like only a baby (and old men) can!

Darius practicing his 'after dunk hang time.'

The final spread: Roasted Broccoli, cut up veggies with hummus, cut up fruit, guacamole, roasted red pepper and egglant dip, tortilla chips, and nut thins. All so yummy!

This mornings work out was a sanity saver for sure (yep, another one of those nights haha) and again found in the March issue of Oxygen magazine. Today was Shoulders and Arms, and at the end I added a favorite cardio burst, just for added mental clarity. Here's the cardio burst that is sure to get your heart pumping:
    Standing in front of a step, watch your watch or set a timer for one minute intervals. Leading with the right foot, step up onto step, then bring your left foot up, and then step down. Do this for one minute. Then switch to leading with the left foot, for another minute. Now, the final minute is spent doing two foot jumps onto the step, without a rest on or off the step. It's only three minutes, but you will feel it - and it feels great! I like to add these cardio bursts into my weight sessions to keep my heart rate elevated, however today needed to be speedy as baby is restless, and I'm a zombie. Ha!

What are your favorite ways to save your sanity?


  1. Great Blog Katie! I've read every one so far and you are inspiring me. Thanks.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. nice blanket ;)


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