Monday 27 February 2012

Mama Musings

It's been a little more than a week since my last post! It always amazes me when time escapes me, and I'm simply caught up in the day to day happenings. The past week has been busy,mostly with being a Mama. My boys and I have been playing, discovering, learning, reading, laughing, tackling, chasing - living. Being the Mother of two boys has been an interesting and [at times] challenging experience. Yet I find myself on a daily basis being close to tears when I think of how much I love my boys and my gratitude for having them in my life. Being a Mama has shaped me more as a person than any other undertaking or role in my life to date. Two major life changes have occurred with the arrival of my boys: I became a distance runner with the arrival of my first son; and a vegan with the arrival of my second. My drive and desire to be better, push further, and become more increases with every passing day as I strive to lead my sons to become strong confident men. I have more challenges and struggles because of being a Mom - but my joy, fulfilment, and pure elation in life's simple things has increased ten fold. The sun on my face, snow flakes dancing in the air - a warm cuddle in the early hours of morning. Life is wonderful; and when I forget that, my boys are quick to remind me of it.

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  1. Thanks for your Post Katie, what darling pictures of those sweet little boys. It is hard to imagine them becoming men, but it happens way too fast. Sure love you and adore how you parent those boys.


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