Wednesday, 1 February 2012


My little men are sponges - literally! They wake up are are thirsty for new ideas, sights, sounds, thoughts [not to mention food haha!] and they go, go, go until their little appetites are full. [In fact, they've played themselves right out today, and are currently recovering before supper time hits!] As I rounded the corner to home with two sleeping babes in the Chariot, it struck me once more what an amazing blessing and opportunity to learn being a mother is. Each day, as I try to look at life through the lens of an 11 month old on the prowl for new tastes, or through the ears of an almost four year old whom picks up on even the tinniest nuance, I am amazed at the sights, sounds, and tastes I didn't notice before. The 'go getter' attitude that children are born with is a gift not to be squandered or belittled! We should become more as the little children we love, instead of trying to mold them into the ridged constraints of adulthood!

My little Darius believes he can do anything. He tries to jump into buckets as he sees a little boy do on TV; he leaps over boxes, believing that he flies; he stands on the couch every morning to show me how much he grew in the night...the list could go on forever! An attitude of belief in oneself, hope for the future, and eternal optimism leads children to run faster, climb higher, and leap bigger - isn't it about time you did the same? Sure, children fall sometimes, but they also get back up and try again! Open your eyes to the possibility that today is a great day, your ears to the sounds of your own personal cheering squad, and your mind to the revelation that you can do anything! Life is truly awe inspiring when you open yourself up to it!

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  1. Darius looks like he can do anything too. Beautiful, beautiful boy...


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