Tuesday, 27 March 2012

PROJECTS and more projects....

It seems lately that my time is being sucked into a vortex of projects, goals, and make believe games. My life feels whole and sweet, I am far from complaining, I am simply amazed at all that has been on my plate. Here's a little photo run down of some of the projects on the go lately...

party favours for a baby shower. I got the idea here.

A little something for the special girls I visit teach. I found these through pinterest [my totally addictive guilty pleasure of late] on this site.

I have been filling and sewing a bazillion heating bags! These beauts' are part of a bigger project for the Relief Society committee I'm on. To learn more about this AMAZING world wide women's organisation, look here.

And, I completed a top secret project last night, and it will be arriving in the mail in a few weeks! With all this on the go, plus being a Mom, running a household and all the cooking, cleaning, and organising that goes on here, it feels like certain aspects of my 'normal' life have been put on hold. A nagging knee injury has kept me away from my runners for just over a week now, so these projects have been a good distraction - but I'm getting ready to jump back into my routine again. Run, play, blog - let's go!

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  1. Katie, your blog posts are always so inspiring. After reading them I always want to do more and be better. Thank you for that! :)


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