Friday, 6 July 2012

a little bit of heaven


          Summer is in full bloom in our neck of the woods - and we are loving it! Two mornings this week my sweet Darius was able to attend Stay N Play in our local park while Eli and I played on the playground, ran around, and snuck up on Darius to give him loves and hugs. Stay N Play is a program our city puts on for 3-5 year old kids from 10am-12pm for a week straight in several communities across the city. Because the weeks don't all coincide, you could potentially hit up a new community each week and have your child playing it up with others all summer long.
             Darius was thrilled to join this program, and I was equally happy as I watched him in his element - socialising, running, and laughing! It is a return to real entertainment, good old fashioned games like "What time is it Mr.Fox?", "Sleeping Giants", "Frozen Tag", and "Duck, Duck, Goose." I have such fond memories of these game - that was a major benefit to growing up in a cul-de-sac full of kids! The one downside was the port-o-potty on sight was a new sight for many kids, including Darius, and so it was a hot commodity. Because it was so popular, the camp leaders kept it pad-locked unless a child was using the facilities. Darius being the quiet ninja he is, was using the bathroom and the leaders didn't realise it; he had simply slipped in when another child was done. So when the activity changed and they were heading away from the port-o-potty area, Leader Buzz [the two girls took on special names for the week, one being 'Buzz', and the other 'Glitter'] locked the toilet and walked away. Meanwhile Eli and I were at the park, and noticed the kids moving on, but couldn't see Darius, so we began sweeping the park looking for him - fully expecting him to jump out at us from one of the stands of trees. The longer we looked, the more worried I became, and then I saw the port-o-potty door rattling...but no sound coming from inside. I ran over and said,"Buddy is that you?"
            "Mom, I locked myself in here hahaha!" Thankfully he thought he had done it, so it was funny! I told him to hang tight and that I would get someone to help me get him out. He calmly waited while I went and got Buzz, and she and I ran back to let him out. Darius amazes me daily, but really this is one of those situations where he took my breath away! Without loosing a beat, he ran right back into the fray once the door was opened - no worries, no need for consoling, simply pure confidence that his Mama would deliver the rescue that was had promised! Later when I told him that hes one of the bravest people I know he laughed and said,"of course I am Mom!" I simply love this boy!!

           After a morning of running with the neighbourhood, we head back out after nap time to play at the beach. Basically we are living outdoors haha! But it is wonderful, sunny, and a shame not to take advantage of the beauty of it all! I am looking forward to getting to the beach with Hubby in tow so I can enjoy some paddle surfing while the boys build sandcastles with Daddy - something that will make this summer really stand apart from all the rest! Loving lake living - loving life! And loving learning important life lessons - like trust and confidence - from my sweet men!

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  1. Cute Darius. He certainly is brave. I don't think I would have been so calm if I was locked in a port-o-potty ...!


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