Friday 31 August 2012

Strike Sugar September

My love of lifting weights, sweating it out on a long run, and preparing healthy clean foods was not something I was born with shocking I know. Every deadlift, hill sprint, and qunioa salad has been a step in a healthy direction, and a building block for a future of whole body/mind/spirit happiness. I have gathered information along the way from many experts, and many wannabe experts whose advice was later cast to the curb and one of my absolute favourites is Tosca Reno. Tosca is known most prominently for becoming a fitness model, author, and columnist after the age of 40. She turned her life around completely from being fat and frumpy to fit and fabulous - and owes it all to clean eating and a love of iron! Every month she and her teams at Oxygen Magazine and the Clean Eating Diet and hosting a challenge to reawaken health and vitality - and I thought I would pass on Septembers challenge! September is Strike Sugar month and I plan on hitting it hard! Read through Tosca's tips, and she'll continue to post more throughout the month!

Here's to health, happiness, and hitting the gym with purpose!

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