Thursday, 26 September 2013

No Poo

I'm sure you've heard the term "No Poo" by now, and aren't thinking this is a post about constipation. BUT for those that need a bit of an explanation, "No Poo" refers to a hair care method that shuns modern shampoo and condition for ingredients you'll find in your kitchen. After doing some research on the apple cider vinegar and baking soda method, I found that while some swear by these two ingredients, most people were ending up with dry and brittle hair. SO, while I really want to avoid chemicals in my hair, dry and brittle hair just didn't sound worth the swap. Then I found information about using raw honey for hair care! Honey is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, completely natural and right up my alley! I gave this method a go and wanted to give my feedback to all of you.

The method: Mix 1tbsp honey with 3tbsp warm water [add essential oils if you wish] and massage into the scalp. Don't worry about washing the hair strands, just the scalp. After the honey has been distributed evenly and really worked into the hair, wash out with plenty of warm water.

What I found: The first few days of switching to honey were great! My hair was soft, I was able to style it easily, and it held it's shape without product. But then, as expected, my hairs natural oils began to take over. An adjustment period is expected with any new hair care regimen, but when the 'adjustment' means getting used to increasingly greasy locks, I was not willing to go any further. My soft hair turned into slightly sticky hair, and while it still held a style it was due to a build up of oils. All my reading says that three weeks is a good amount of time to give this method the time it needs to work its magic on your hair...but this magic turned out to be more of an illusion in my case. Seriously. Right after washing my hair, it would be a greasy, sticky mess...not the sexy Mama look I'd like to rock when i find a moment to shower hah!

In a nutshell, after three weeks of trial I recommend you save yourself the weeks of tortuously greasy locks, and find a natural shampoo that you love and can stand behind. For me, live clean* is a brand I can stand behind, and is natural enough that I use it on my kiddos as well. It is definitely one of my favorite things!

*this is not a paid or sponsored post, simply my own findings and opinions


  1. so i remember when you and marin taught rax and me how to use hairspray and a blowdryer to fake clean hair. ahhh the good ol' days. i wash my hair about 2x per week. in between i use dry shampoo. it smells good and give my thin hair volume. when i do wish my hair i rub some warm eucalyptus oil on to my scalp and let it sit for about an hour before i wash my hair with a detoxifying shampoo. it works great for me because the dry shampoo leaves a bit of buildup on my hair and this method seems to keep in nice'n easy!

    love you girl!

    1. Oh warm eucalyptus oil sounds divine! I too am a fan of dry shampoo - Bed Head Rockaholic is my go to right now :) Although I'm finding that since enduring the three weeks of greasy-chic I can no go about 5 days between washing's easily, with minimal dry shampoo use. There had to be at least some pay off to that experiment haha!


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