Monday, 23 September 2013

Rancho Vignola

A quick FYI for those who would like to try something truly delicious! There is a company called rancho vignola here in Canada (based out of British Columbia) that sources out the freshest nuts, seeds, and dries fruits from the current seasons crops. They then make their delicious finds available to consumers at wholesale costs, which is beautiful music to my ears! Last year was my first time ordering from them, and the whole experience was wonderful - my favorite part being eating said deliciousness. My boys had never enjoyed raisins until trying Rancho's organic Thompson raisins. I purchased a 5lbs bag last year, thinking it would last a year since I would be the only one eating them. The bag lasted a month. The raisins were THAT good. So if you're looking for dried fruit, nuts, and seeds that are so fresh and delicious that you'll be looking forward to the next years crop to try out even more goodness, check out rancho vignola. But hurry, orders need to be in by September 27th*.

*order minimum is $500 so gather up your friends and put an order together! 

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