Sunday 4 December 2011


Yesterday family travel from near and far, gathering in a town outside of the big city to celebrate Grandpa James. We sang, talked, laughed and shed a few tears of joy and remembrance. The musical numbers were touching, the talks were humorous and yet focused on a eternal perspective, and family lingered long, not wanting to part ways. We gathered round Grandma long into the evening, enjoying a family meal, and cousin time. It seems that times like these have the potential to bring families closer together, and that is just what it has done for our family. We wanted to hold tight to one another, and not have to return to our homes scattered on both sides of the border. How I wish all my cousins were also my neighbours!
Memories shared, ice cream consumed, and photos taken, we parted ways, travelling home in the driving snow. The occasion was solemn, but the celebration was sweet. Thank you for teaching us the importance of family Grandpa and Grandma. We love you!

photo courtesy of PMG IMAGE, taken at my wedding May 2006


  1. It was a beautiful memorial for a truly great man. I thought the comments by the caregiver lady were exceptional. How many caregivers would speak such words of admiration about their people they care for who are in chronic pain? Your grandpa was an amazing man. You are very blessed!

  2. Thanks Katie for sharing that memory of the Memorial for your amazing Grandpa. We would have loved to be there but know you and your family had a very special time together and remembering Grandpa now finally free from the pain he suffered for so long.

  3. thanks for this sweet post, katie. i love this picture, and the people in it, and you!


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