Monday 12 December 2011

[for my] boys

I was a sewing machine Friday night![pun intended ha!] As I ticked items off my "Handcrafted Christmas" list, not only was I excited to give the little gifts, but I was excited to show all of you! Crazy, I know. Without further ado, here's a little preview of what will be tucked snugly into my little men's stockings:

I used the pattern and tutorial located here to create the little masterpiece pictured here [and the matching one for little brother Eli tucked safely away] and highly recommend it if you're wanting to make some ties for the wee men in your life. Not only was the tutorial clear and easy to follow, but the pattern pieces were awesome! Thanks to Amber at Very Homemade for helping me achieve the quality craftsmanship I desire in all my handcrafted goods!

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