Saturday 31 December 2011

Another Year...

Christmas swept away my time this December! Between my little sweetum' having an asthma type reaction to a virus, piles of sewing projects, baking, and runs to be run, I was strapped for time - and so blogging fell to the wayside. Sorry! With the bulk of the holiday travel over, and order slowly being restored to our home, I am well on my way to a regular routine again [ which is due in large part to the wonderful stocking Santa spoiled me with, filled with Oxygen and Runner's World Magazines, an Oxygen subscription, and chocolate haha; as well as the pylo-box my Awesome Hubby made for me!] And while Christmas is behind us calendar wise, December would no be complete without a Christmas post, so here are the highlights from our little celebration with my Amazing Hubby's side of the fam!

          Darius was the little lamb in our Nativity Pageant - so sweet!

Someone was really tired...but aren't their jammies cute!?!

Christmas morning in our matching family "p-jammies" [as Darius says]

The craziness of Christmas presents and stockings all before 10am church!

A brand new year is rolling in at the strike of 12 tonight; I love the fresh start that January 1st brings! Christmas is my favourite season and celebration, partly because of all the time that is slotted to spend with family and friends, and partly because of the proximity to New Years!  Looking to the future I am excited for all that 2012 represents, and all the goals I am eager to achieve - Happy New Years!

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