Thursday, 5 January 2012

Protien Packed Mac'

I posted the other day on facebook about the macaroni and cheese I had really enjoyed eating, and wouldn't you know, I got a few requests for the recipe. So, here you go!

I have recently been loving the blog Healthy Happy Life where blogger Kathy shares yummy vegan recipes. In her 2011 Recipe round up, I noticed a Mac and Cheese recipe that actually looked like it would taste like a real cheese sauce instead of the cardboard tasting oil sauces I have come across up till now. I made Kathy's recipe as directed, then added in just a couple of tweaks, so I'll be sending you to her for the bulk of the recipe, then read on for what I did to make it better - and boy did it ever!

Mac and Cheese Bake

all listed at Healthy Happy Life for her Mac and Cheese recipe
plus an additional three cups cooked pasta
can of corn, drained
corn flakes, roughly 1 cup


once pasta is cooked, drained and rinsed, and the cheese sauce is bubbly and hot, combine the two in a bowl along with the corn. Once thoroughly combined, transfer to a oven safe corning ware dish, cover with cornflakes, and bake in a 375*F over for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let sit for a few minutes before serving so that the sauce does not scorch any little mouths!

With beans, sweet potato,  and nutritional yeast hidden in this gem of a dish, it is a nutritional powerhouse. Use whole wheat pasta to up the ante and your set! I need to put a bit of a disclaimer on it though, as my husband informed me that it is delicious, but does not taste like real cheese. So, if you eat 'real' cheese don't expect this to mimic the real deal, but for those of us who haven't tasted cheese in a while, this is a delight!

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