Friday, 13 January 2012

Eli Eats

notice the tears and runny nose? Poor kid feel over a few times during his 11month photos!

I'm often asked what I get my boys to eat, since we consume a plant based diet. The short answer: plants. But, seeing as that cheeky answer isn't the full explanation that is being sought out when asking the question, I kept track of what Eli ate today, just to give you a snapshot of what goes into my babes little bod!

*I forgot to mention that Eli is still breastfed. The 'N' will denote the times he breastfed as well.

Prebreakfast: N

Breakfast: cooked rolled oats with hemp hearts, cinnamon, a smidgen of honey, and almond milk and 0.5oz of Vemma

Snack: Apple pieces [skin removed,] hulled raw sunflower seeds, one oatmeal pumpkin cookie [chocolate chips removed,] puffed wheat, and a handful of cheerios

Prelunch: N

Lunch: Quinoa Stew and half a banana

After Nap: N
Snack: half a CLIFF bar broken into bits, with no chocolate chips in it [not an everyday occurrence, but it sure made him happy after a late nap!]

Dinner: Creamy Asparagus Soup with homemade buns

Before Bed: N

So you see, my little 11 month old man-o eats a lot of vegetables, some fruit, whole grains, seeds, and a scattering of nuts. I'm don't give him refined sugar, as there is absolutely no nutritional value to it, and at Eli's age I need to maximise the nutritional content of what I give him, as he goes through spurts of less interest in food, and more interest in figuring out the stairs/toys/walking/etc that his big brother is constantly doing.

If you have questions about any of the above meals fire away!

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