Thursday 5 April 2012


Everyday moments hold so much joy and light; a fabulous work out, moan worthy meal, or sunset melting into the horizon are all favourites of mine. However, the everyday moments that bring pure joy brimming to the surface for me include a couple of little boys, and one Hottie Husband! This past week has been a bright sun-shiny time of life -

Eli triumphantly marching around the living room! What a sweet little trooper!

Brotherly cuddles - my boys love to read, and Eli will often grab a book off the shelf, and march himself over to an empty lap, sit down and offer his book up for mutual enjoyment. When he took Darius a book I had to grab the camera - this sweet big brother read to 'his baby' and I got all misty eyed. How sweet are they?!?

No make up. No problem. Darius told me," Mommy, you're so beautiful! Can we take a picture?" Why yes we can! Even if this is a plot to delay bedtime ha ha!

Looking for the silver lining often produces golden memories - moments of time that you mentally capture and hold onto. Keep your eyes open - you'll be surprised how easily these moments can slip by if you're not ready to grab them and savor them for all they're worth.

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