Thursday, 26 April 2012


Have you heard of 'the Foods Revolution Summit'? It is going to be awesome! A week long intensive course on nutrition, food production, soy, gmo's, grass fed beef and so much more! 21 sessions with the leaders in the whole foods nutrition field all your for the taking for FREE!!! Yes, FREE! All you have to do is sign up for the summit here, and then you have your very own 'all access pass.' How cool is that?! Don't delay, as the summit runs from April 28th {this Saturday} to May 6th. All interviews can be accessed live via conference call or computer - and if you miss one, there is no back log to enjoy later unless you pay for it, so GET ON THOSE CALLS! Sorry for the all caps, but seriously taking responsibility for what you put into your body starts with educating yourself, and this is the perfect way to gain a heaping dose of education! To become a doctor you receive 14 hours of nutritional training. I dare say you'll have a larger nutritional knowledge base than a doctor after this week long summit. So jump in, get your paradigm shifted, and let me know what you learn this week - I can't wait to learn right along with you!

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