Friday, 27 April 2012

Sprouted Qunioa

If you just catching up before the weekend, check out this post on a life changing seminar, and this post on nutritional education! I can't wait to see Bob Proctor!!

After soaking some quinoa and spreading it out overnight, I awoke to quite the sight! The qunioa sprouted, beautifully and plentifully, and gave me the best of best ingredients to get creative with!

This simple step, sprouting the seed, amps up the nutition of any seed or grain. Broccoli sprouts, for example, contains 500% the nutrition of mature broccoli -500%! So naturally, whenever you can substiute the sprouted grain or seed do so - the higher nutritonal and antioxidant powers of the food will have your body singing! Sprouting is very simple [as outlined above, simply soak the seed or grain, and then lay it out over night and you'll see the above picture come to life in your own kitchen] but a neccisary step in a few recipes I have been wanting to share - so this is your little teaser! Get sprouting!

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