Wednesday 14 November 2012


       No matter what is going on in my life - big battles, small mole hills, or days of sun shine - fitting in a workout is always a must. The stress relief and feeling strong and healthy go such a long way to brighten even the dimmest of days! As I mentioned last week, lately I've been leaning on the good trainers over at  Body Rock to make sure that I get a sweat session each day, even if its simply 12 minutes. 12 minutes doesn't sound like a lot, but for those of you that have tried their work outs, you can attest to the 5 minute "I'm not even half way!" panic that can happen at times. These work outs are intense! But the beauty is that each workout is customizable to your fitness level. The amazing trainers even walk you through all the different variations that can be preformed to accomodate lower, or higher, fitness levels.
         Today as I headed over to check out the work out, I was so inspried by what one of the trainers wrote that I needed to share it here too. It's such a simple, yet profound, concept that can change your training, your life, and your outlook in general.

"Where are you right now?
How close to your goals are you? Miles off or just across the street? Take a minute and focus on 3 things that you want to be, achieve or change. In a moment of no bull-shit honesty with yourself ask yourself if you find a way of directing 5% more time, energy or effort towards what you want. Can you?
You can find 5% under your fingernails. It’s getting up 10 minutes earlier, walking an extra block, taking a minute to call instead of email, saying something kind to someone out of the blue – giving anything from the heart. This 5% compounded day by day, rep by rep and smile by smile will move the landscape of your life to a place where the sun shines a little bit brighter, your clothes fit a little bit better and your heart feels a whole lot lighter.
Start looking for that 5% in your BodyRocking today. Whatever you give you will get back – and that feel good sensation is your body smiling :)"[source]

          It's a simply thought, but really what would you do with 5% more time? Would you use it to rock your way to your goals that much faster? Do yourself a favor and think of the three things you want to do, be, or achieve - and then find your 5% to get you going!

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