Monday 12 November 2012

Sweet Cinnamon

Being the day after Remembrance Day our Christmas tree is up, and waiting to be decorated tonight as a family! Darius has been begging to decorate for Christmas since I took down the Halloween decor eleven days ago, so needless to say today is a pretty spectacular day for a sweet four year old.
In preparation for this long desired and awaited day, Darius and I made cinnamon ornaments last week to hang on our tree. These fragrant little gems will be the first thing I hang on my tree, deep in the branch's, to fill our home with Christmas cheer! Honestly I love the smell of cinnamon, and smelling this beauties on my craft table as they have waited to be strung has brought me such joy already - can't wait to share the wealth with all that walk through our door.
If you'd like to make your own, hop on over to katy elliott for the tutorial found here. Somethings I learnt along the way is that this recipe is not quite as simple as she makes it sound - or at least it wasn't for us. Getting the perfect ratio of applesauce to cinnamon proved tricky, and I think it is because my applesauce was too runny. I also turned the oven up to 300* to cook dinner after 2 hours of drying the ornaments, and then put them back in after dinner was done, turned off the oven and let them sit till morning. In the morning they were perfect! If you put a little cinnamon on your cookie cutter before cutting out your ornament the shape comes loose easier, and the simpler the design of the cutter the easier it will be to get a good clean cut. Either way, these were definitely worth the effort, and I will be making many more!

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