Tuesday 6 November 2012

two months...

Wow, it has been almost two months since I was last typing out a post. It's crazy to me how time can slip by, even when you have the best of intentions of keeping current and up to date. To make up for the lack of posting, here's a little round up of what has caught my eye, my appetite, and my time over the past months!
This garland is on the top of my holiday prep list! I love the idea of something simple that conveys such joy - perfect in every way. I have all the supplies downstairs on the crafting table, and just need to find a moment to start...and it won't take two months to get to, cause really I don't have that sort of time left before Christmas!
These bars are A-MA-ZING!! I took a batch to a church function over the weekend and they were some of the first things to go off the treat table. Despite the deliciously sweet taste, the sugar content comes from all natural sources, and they have a hit of fibre - what more could you ask for in a dessert?
While jumping around on Pinterest I found the site the twix bars come from, a snazzy site that you might have heard of before called Oh She Glows. A vegan blog dedicated to healthy vegan recipes, it is a goldmine for all those whom are looking for a little healthy pick me up.If you are searching for a new site to add to your blog reads, or a source of delicious recipes you don't need to feel guilty for making, then this is a must see!
My Mom just finished walking across Spain, over 1000km in five weeks. That sentence in and of itself always makes me pause in amazement! She blogged as she went, and documented the journey with pictures and stories worth checking out. This is one of the things I have been doing instead of blogging myself - but really, I needed to make sure she was still walking, alive, and well.

The workouts I have been rocking have been short and sweet - and oh so effective! I have been seeing gains, despite the 12 minute daily commitment [Monday to Friday] due to the high intensity of the training. Check out Body Rock and enjoy the burn!

I'm off to get the boys and I moving and the crafting begun! Only 50 days till Christmas and I have yet to turn on my sewing machine - eek!


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    1. Oh Mercedes, it's a great thing to feel creative today! And you have to try the twix bars - no one even knew there were dates in the 'caramel' center. So yummy!


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