Thursday 7 July 2011

30 Day Sweat Challenge [recap]

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This is rather late, but better late than never! June is over, and the 30 Day Challenge is now complete. I don't know about you, but I only missed two days - of the days I was actually able to breath well enough to workout that is - and feel great about it. I didn't take leap and bounds in my fitness levels, but the point for me was to maintain my fitness through a crazy busy month, so I am happy. It seems that June's hectic pace has only increased now that July - and summer yeah! - is in full swing. I've had to be incredibly innovative at times to fit in my workout, while keeping my boys happy. Take today for example:

Darius was begging to go outside. I was still in need of a workout, and Eli was down for a nap so it was my chance to get it done. Not wanting to put off my little man's heartfelt desire to run in the sun, I grabbed my running shoes [I was already in workout attire - rule number one as a Mom, is to dress in your workout clothes first thing in the morning, so you're ready to grab you're chance to sweat when the opportunity presents itself,] a pen, and paper and dashed outside after my anxious boy.  While walking around the acreage, I scrawled "kettlebell swings, lunges, air squats, kettlebell snatch, sprints" and set to it! After twenty some odd minutes I had completed three sets, was sweating buckets, breathing hard, and Darius was happily playing in the hot July sun.

Really, is there anything sweeter than watching your kids enjoy playing outside? I swear that boy is pure joy. So, when life gets crazy for you, get creative! Don't pass on your sweat session just because its hard to fit in the time to workout - make the time, and you'll feel better.

How do you squeeze in your workouts when life picks up it's pace? Do you have a 'go to' workout you do in a pinch?

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