Monday 25 July 2011

Road trip!

We're off on our adventure to San Diego, and in preparation I made a few items for Darius to keep him comfortable and entertained. Ashley over at Make it, Love it designed a neck pillow for her little girl not too long ago, and I immediately bookmarked the project in my favorites. With one day to go before packing up and hitting the road, the neck pillow project got underway, and Darius LOVES it! I should have made this 'bad boy' (currently Darius' favorite phrase) a long time ago.

Along with the neck pillow, I created a treasure map for Darius to find items along our way. There are no less than four golden arches on the map, along with animals, and landmarks too big to miss (aka the grand canyon.) With a coin for each item spotted, and a trip to the store as needed to spend his 'monies,' we're hoping to keep Darius happy and entertained through the hours of travel to come.

What are your road trip tips for traveling with children? Do you use food as rewards or 'monies'? And tell me, are you not in love with the neck pillow project???

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  1. good idea with the treasure sorry we didn't get to meet up! Love you Katie, have tons of fun!!


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