Sunday 31 July 2011


I have four sisters, and I'm not going to lie, I thought they would be the death of me growing up. But then I grew up and realized they were the best gift my parents could give me. One of these sisters in particular, my little sister, just two years (or twenty three months if you want to be specific) is my best friend (beside my awesome husband of course.) She celebrated her 25th birthday not too long ago, and since I wouldn't be there to celebrate with her, I handcrafted a little something special for her, so that she would know how special she is to me.

Without a pattern in hand, I took out my fabric box, found colors and patterns that remind me of Marin, and then got to work. The patchwork on the front of the apron is free handed, but machine stitched, with a solid color on the back making it reversible. Long red ties bring it all together, making it unique, quirky, fun, and stylish all at once - just like Marin.

Do you like to handcraft your gifts? What is your favorite handcrafted gift you have received?

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  1. Katie - you are seriously so clever. That is adorable.


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