Friday 15 July 2011


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I feel like I'm inhaling deeply again, after not realizing that I had been holding my breath. Life has been SOOO CRAZY BUSY lately, that the pace just took my breath away in so many ways. But, with each task I've crossed off my list, my grin grows wider, my feet more firmly rooted, and my soul ready to fly.

Yesterday my amazing hubby and I signed some papers. Now, signing papers does not always make such an impression on me, but yesterday, it felt like life was turning a significant corner, the tides were shifting, and the sun was breaking through clouds - all at once haha. Our signatures, decorating beautiful dotted lines, bought us a house! A HOUSE!! We are thrilled to be building our dream home, a home that we thought we would never find in a million years, but which our realtor helped us dream about, find, and now purchase! Thank you Bruce for all of your hard work!!! Darius asked me which house is yours, "the one [to the right] or [left of us]." I told him we should let you pick for yourself, but either would be great. I'm telling you, if you want a fabulous realtor, call Bruce Dunham! Our home is at the electrical stage of the building process (it's a spec home, so we're receiving many upgrades for a fabulous, less than building price. Seriously great deal!) and we've been given a projected completion date of October 21st. So, we'll be in our home by Christmas for sure, but we'll just have to see how long before Christmas our move in date is!

That's just one thing, but do you want to know what else has been keeping me so busy lately? Of course you do! My cousin Lindsay came to town, and seeing as we've grown up hanging out as often as we can, the tradition has continued into adulthood. We grabbed our kiddos [Darius was off on an adventure, so Elias was flying solo with me that day] and headed to the Zoo. I haven't been there since Darius was a year and a half, and while Eli slept the day away, I had a great time catching up with my cousin, spending time with her Dad, and getting to know Linds daughter, sweet Maddie, better. Just think of all the hanging out we could do if you lived here Linds?

Last Friday my big brother and I planned a surprise party for our Mom's 50th. Can you even believe she's 50??? Seriously, this woman [mother of seven, and grandmother to three as she reminds all of us] is incredible, loving, smart, kind, generous, and a trooper to say the least. Anyone that can survive raising seven kids and still smile like that deserves more than a medal - maybe a tropical island to go and hide out from their seven kids and the surprise party they planned against their mothers orders?

My awesome hubby's work planned a Family Stampede Party for the day after my Mom's party, and so off we went as cowboy'ed up as we could manage. Darius saw the bouncy castles from the car, and in a reverent tone said, "I really hope that's my party." The first hour [no joke] was spent standing outside of the bouncy houses watching my sweet little boy go nuts! I'm so blessed to have enthusiastic children ahaha!

There's a glimpse of my crazy life. In a nutshell, life is busy, but great none the less. I look for opportunities to fit exercise into my everyday life, as my runs do not always slide so nicely into the jam packed days of a Mama in the summer. But, playing at the park, swinging across the monkey bars, swinging on swings, running, playing Frisbee, and laughing until Eli pees his pants, are all great workouts - so I guess it all balances out.

What are you keeping busy with this summer? Do you have travels planned? Or big life events eating away your free time?


  1. Congratulations Katie! What exciting news....and so glad you and Linds got to hang out, wish I;d been there:)

  2. Congrats on the new house! That is super exciting. Thank you for inviting me to your mum’s surprise party. It was really fun to see you (and your mum of course) for a few minutes!

  3. Thanks Nat and Holly! We're super excited to move in, and drive by it ALL the time just to look at it ahaha! We'll have room to roam and play when either of you want to come and do so - and did I mention there is a lake three blocks away? Just saying, maybe a swim party would be awesome!

  4. aw katie, it was so nice to hang out with you guys too. i hope we can live closer someday soon


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