Friday 26 August 2011

Perfect Health [quick fix!]

What if I told you that I have a magic solution to all your health woes? That it is as simple as popping a pill? That it DOES NOT cost you your savings? And you are not required to sign up with some Ponzi Scheme to reap the benefits? Well, in a nut shell, I do. Curious? Read on!

While on my recent family vacation, we stopped in Utah to visit some wonderful friends. These friends have three girls, we have two boys, and our husbands are closer than most brothers. Estelle and I did not know one another quite as well before our vacation, and I can honestly say we bonded over many things over the few days we spent together. We have very similar views on health, nutrition, and what keeps a family ticking - and all this bonding led to the discussion of a book and its valuable information.

"The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell is incredible in its depth and breadth. It covers nutrition as a whole citing over a hundred studies. Conclusions are not simply given, but studies are explained, broken down into what they mean, and how the study findings affect you and me. In a nutshell, Campbell clearly shows that nutrition is the number one factor in health. Whether this statement is surprising to you or not, you should read this book.

Since listening to "The China Study" audio book I have been enjoying a plant based nutrition plan.[I shy away from the word diet, as it's true meaning has been stripped from it, and replaced by a nasty sense of deprivation - so I enjoy a nutrition plan instead.] I eat no meat [land or sea] or dairy, and eat a lot of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, beans, grains, and occasionally eggs. I have more energy, feel lighter on my feet, and have been met with little to no resistance from sweet Darius...and some from my amazingly supportive husband, but only when it comes to whats on his plate, not mine.

By simply switching to a plant based nutrition plan, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, MS [the list goes on] can be halted, if not reversed. Add in moderate exercise [meaning thirty minutes, most days] and you have the recipe - ahem, quick fix - for Perfect Health. This is the message of Dr.Campbell's book in a nutshell, but please, please, please, read his book and get the facts for yourself. You'll thank me later.

This is not a paid review of "The China Study" but rather my opinions and views on a very well written scientific paper.

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  1. Hey Katie - that book has been on my TO READ list for awhile! I guess I need to get on it! Love your blog! :)


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