Wednesday, 17 August 2011


"Good job Mom!"

Darius is known to say this to me when he is REALLY pleased with my performance. On Friday of last week, this is just what I heard as the cake was ceremoniously placed in front of the two of us. Call me a sucker, but this phrase has my number, and I at times do things that I know will prompt it. And so it was on Friday, when this sweet little boy of mine looked up at me with big brown eyes and queried,"is it my birthday too???"

"Sure it is sweetie pie!"

"Wow! Thanks Mom!"

And so the birthday cake he requested I make became his birthday cake too, and it was delicious! Darius is a lover of all things sweet, especially in the ice cream category. So, when asked what kind of cake I should make for the occasion, he replied simply,"ice cream cake." Ice cream cake is a cinch to construct, but when trying to make it without dairy or sugar, it presents a wee bit of a challenge. With a bit of creativity, and A LOT of banana, we made a cake that everyone enjoyed, and made Darius' 'birthday' special.

Whose praise do you love receiving? Are you willing to go the extra mile for that someone specials big smile?

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  1. How did you make it dairy free? I'm curious!!! Is someone lactose free in your place too? Well Darius is such a cutie and yes, good job on the cake!


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