Thursday, 11 August 2011

Vacation Fare

When you think of "vacation" or "road trip" food, what comes to mind? Greasy, heavy, too rich foods are typical (hello Munchin' Mix, Cheetos, and nightly desserts!) but this was not so on our adventure. We packed a cooler of snacks for the road, including baby carrots, sugar snap peas, cherries, Cookie dough bites, Cliff bars, and Fruit Source bars. Then, our week in San Diego was made all the more enjoyable with fabulous home cooked food (and some meals provided by Trader Joe's.) If you're looking for some dinner hour inspiration, here's a look at some of the meals we enjoyed during the week:

Sunday: Mexican Inspired Salad, and Chocolate Mousse
Monday:Cornbread Quiche
Tuesday: All Bean Chili for lunch, then Pizza, watermelon, and a Green Salad for supper
Wednesday: Chinese Food
Thursday: Chocolate French Toast (breakfast), and Felafel's for Supper
Friday: Lasagna, a fabulous rice salad (will share with you soon) and the most AMAZING garlic toast ever even though it was rather crisp from too much time under the broiler ha!

I hope these ideas help you out this week. Seriously, I would recreate any and all of these meals, oh and I'd also recreate tonight's delicious salad even with my liberal alterations to the linked recipe.

What do you like to eat on vacation? Do you prefer to cook while away from home? Or do you long for a break from the kitchen?

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