Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This past week and a half have been a whirlwind! Between work, home, and family schedules it seems that there has been little downtime...and it has been fabulous! I have achieved goals I set out for myself, partied with my sweet boys, and been fortunate enough to celebrate milestones with family. One such milestone was my little sister turning 20! I still can't believe shes 20, engaged, and moving on to her own adventure. It feels like just yesterday the two of us were in the Bahamas celebrating her high school graduation.

Auntie 'T' being the considerate girl she is, went along with Darius' desire for a play date at the Science Centre for her birthday, and so we met up for some creative learning fun! Darius played away in the Creative Kids Museum, before we ventured out to explore the other exhibits. Darius dove right into the hands on exhibits and enjoyed building, destroying, and inspecting the inner workings of circuits. Mom captured a few moments for me as Darius worked away - he's just so sweet!

Happy belated birthday T - we sure do love you!


  1. You and Darius are so cute working away there :) And I can't believe that Teresa is 20 ... she was 6 years old when I first met her.

    1. 6?! I can't believe you've been around for 14 years! So glad you have been by the way ;)
      I really enjoy helping Darius explore his sweet little world - he is so inquisitive and helps me see the bigger picture.


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