Tuesday 27 August 2013

Four Months Ago...

...I had a few hours old baby snuggled up next to me. Audrey was born at 6:28am, and laid awake in my arms for a couple of hours soaking in her surroundings before we both went to sleep. Through the first week of Audrey's life I made a list of all the wonderful things people did that made bringing this sweet little girl into the world. I was reminded of this list when I saw this article posted by a friend on facebook yesterday. It's so important to celebrate each special spirit joining our lives, but here are some pointers on how to make the celebrations easier on both momma and baby.

how to help mamma with a new baby

1. When you visit over a meal time, bring the meal to share with the mom and her family. **Update: And, bring the meal in disposable containers so the new Mama isn't trying to figure out whose Tupperware is sitting on her counter a month later. Thanks Tanis for the tip!**

2.Don't overstay your welcome. 30 minutes is a long enough visit

3.Don't pick up baby without washing your hands and asking mom first

4.Ask what needs to be done around the house, then do it

5.Pay attention to the older kiddos - the baby only really wants its mother, and the older kids are hurt by the lack of attention

6.New moms need rest; if you're monopolizing those helping her, then she's not getting the rest she needs. Pay attention, and again don't stay long

7.Call before you head over - it may not be a good time after all, or there may be something that is needed and you could pick it up on the way

8.Space out visitors. Even if they're staying for a short amount of time, if mom isn't getting enough time to rest in between its not good

9. AND For goodness sakes, don't bounce the baby! They're newborns; snuggle them don't jiggle them


  1. Also when you take a meal bring it in disposable containers, or tupperware you don't want back... having to clean and return dishes is a big stress!

    1. such a great tip Tanis! I am definitely going to update the post with this info - thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful post. Great list. Good to be reminded. Thanks Katie :)


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