Sunday 18 August 2013

I'm still here!

It's been a while. A long two months break if we're being specific, and it's been a crazy busy two months at that! So much has happened that has pushed my blogging to the back burner, from a natural disaster to rival hurricane Katrina in my city, to my hubby being on the front lines of safety during and after said disaster (which rendered me a single parent for a month or so) to many mini vacations since. Throw in soaking up all the summer we can while it lasts and you'll get the idea. It's been busy.
Many times over the past while I've written down topics I wanted to tackle in a post, and so now I have a long list of topics that may or may not be addressed based on their relevance moving forward; but we gotta pick up somewhere so here we go!

There is something different about having a daughter. When both of my sons were born, life stood still as I breathed in their very existence. My eyes glistened often with tears of gratitude and joy as I would snuggle them close to my chest and let their sweet baby scent envelope me. I do the same with my daughter, and my heart tugs at the thought of all the roads I have traveled that she will too in the not too distant future. Each time she connects her big blue eyes to mine, smiling her big toothless grin, I pause and soak in the trust and love that she has for me. Right now I am her everything, and I am absolutely loving it. 

The need to be a stronger role model for my children is very much at the for front of my mind. To walk the road that I tell them they must tread. Living a kind, healthy and generous life has a whole new meaning when I have a princess following my wake, along with my two little princes. Here is my wish for my sweet little Audrey as she sleeps soundly in the room next to me:

I wish that you will see the world full of possibility and light; full of goodness to be gleamed and given, and love to be shared. I wish that you will see the rising of the sun each day as the dawning of possibility, and take a moment at each sunset to focus on all the blessings and gratitude in your life. I wish that you will stand on the strength within you, and look to the Lord for solace and know that you are amazing. I wish that you will know through the look in my eyes that I adore you and know you are the most amazing girl in the world. I wish that you will feel the power God has blessed you with as you run, climb, and conquer each challenge you face; that you will see every mountain as a journey to be enjoyed. I wish that you will see me as a sounding board for ideas, a companion through thick and thin, and a mother whom you wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I wish you a thousand smiles and more, because you are my princess whom I adore.

Life became a little more rosy and pink three months ago - and to say I am loving every minute would be an understatement. 

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