Thursday 29 August 2013

Giving the Good

Earlier I shared my top tips for being a great visitor of a Mama with a new baby; if you missed it you can find it here. If you're looking to arrive bearing gifts here are some things you can do or bring that would be helpful to the new Mama you love so much!

 gifts for a new mom

1. Meals for the family - sometimes meal time slips through during the early days of having a new baby at home. Adjusting to the new normal takes time and practice, and helping out with meals really is a great service!

2. Babysitting/play dates with older kids - this would be best at someone else's house so mom can just sleep when baby sleeps

3. A big water bottle - there are no words to express how thirsty a nursing Mama is, but then throw in recovery from birth and you have one parched beauty!

4. Smoothies - make it green and choke full of healthy goodness! 

5. Chocolate and magazines - recovery takes resting, and resting needs entertainment. And chocolate. 

6. A rice bag for sore muscles - so wonderful!

7. diapers and wipes - have you ever seen the mountain of diapers a newborn produces? 

8. baby clothes/items - or better yet, offer to host a baby shower for her at a later date!

Take the time to know what would be most helpful, and do it. But remember to be mindful of the pointers here and here so that you are being as helpful as possible without holding back Mama from sleeping and recovering.

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