Tuesday 20 August 2013

Training update

Before I dropped off the mystical blogging cliff of busy mama life, I posted the half marathon training plan I created to prepare to run a half marathon in September. It's been a great plan to follow so far, and with nine weeks behind me and the final three to go I'm feeling back on my feet once again. Getting back into a running groove has been a challenge at times, but focusing on one workout or one week, at a time has really helped me push through the discomfort and lace up my sneakers anyways. One of the most helpful things I've found is looking at my training as a week long endeavor. Looking at training one week at a time allows me to juggle my workouts according to my schedule. Some weeks my long run has been completed on Friday, others Monday, but the point is it always gets done.  It's not always easy, but man is it ever worth it!

I have trained for and completed many races, and by far this training plan has been the most effective - and yet it has the fewest runs per week. For some this would be a deterrent, but with a small babe on hand I needed to make sure that I was maximizing my training time and keeping my time away from her to a minimum. Between cross fit, strength training, and yoga I gain awesome strength, conditioning and cross training. My running workouts each week consist of one speed or hill training day (it alternates week to week) one mid distance run which caps at 5 miles, and one long run on the weekend. My longest run of the training program is coming up this Saturday, 10 miles. Hitting this week, the week of maximums, is always one of my favorites.  Not only do I know I have come A LONG WAY but I know that come Monday it's time to taper off to race day :) Cause in the end, 12 weeks of training is focused and directed towards one end goal - completing the half marathon with a smile on my face and burning legs! "Leave it all on the course" is my motto, and a training principle I rely on to make me stronger, better, and faster. After all 12 weeks will pass anyways, why not discover my potential in the process?

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