Tuesday 25 October 2011

Batty Surprise

The other night I spent two and a half HOURS cutting out 75 bats, and sticking them on the wall in a flight pattern for my sweet little Darius. It turns out that Halloween is a big deal this year, and hes been begging for decoration EVERYDAY, and pointing out what areas of the house are lacking the Halloween spirit. To say that my three year old is a task master is an understatement ha!

Anyways, After putting in all that time on the bats, Darius did reward me with a big reaction in the morning. "Oh Mom! It's beautiful!!!.....BUT, the couch is not Halloween." Sheesh. So, we headed off to Fabricland, picked out some fabric, and made some bat pillows to 'Halloween-ize' the couch. With the decor now meeting the very critical standards here's a little peek!

this is what greets you when you walk into our home!

notice the munchkin eating Cheerios? He's so focused ha!

If you'd like to whip up some of these for your couch, check out the tutorial at MADE


Close up of the creepiness! Can you believe Darius picked these out??

These Martha Stewart [found at Michael's] window decals were our most expensive decoration. But, seeing at they're reusable, I thought it was worth the splurge! The web is kindly provided by a neighborhood spider.

Even the table needed to get 'Halloween-ized!'
 Between the cob-webs, spiders, skulls, and bats we're set for a great Halloween - and making one special three year old overjoyed in the process!

Did you do any D.I.Y decorations this year? Did you follow a tutorial? Or did you create your own pattern?


  1. What a beautiful home Katie! I love your floors!! and the bats of course;)

  2. Thanks Nat! We're loving our new digs - and all the Halloween decor of course! Darius often has to pause whatever game hes playing/meal hes eating, to go and check on the bats!


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