Saturday 1 October 2011

Captain America

* sorry for the delay in posting - blogger has been acting up on me, but I think it's all sorted now!

Darius gets REALLY into character when playing games. I'm talking, voice altering, mask wearing, story believing INVOLVED. We have been assigned roles in each of his make believe worlds. At times I am Wonder Woman, and at others I am Wasp. Today, my little Captain America was watching The Avengers [because that's what you do during your superhero downtime - you watch 'instant replay' of all the action] and I just have to share a few of the moments.

These are Darius and Daddy's cards - Darius knows all the superheros and super villians, and is teaching his slow to catch on Mama

When this grim charater appeared on screen, Darius pronounced very matter of factly, "And of course, there's Uncle Brayden."Someone needed to be the bad guy, and Brayden is such a good sport!

If you caught my post showcasing all my projects on the go, then you might have noticed this:

Well, all those pieces have now transformed into this:

My little Captain America is requesting the red gloves and boots, as well as the black belt and letting me know each time he dons his Halloween costume that it is not done. There is no rest for the Mama!

What are your little kiddos going to be for Halloween? Are they excited for all the candy? Or is the costume paramount?

Eli is going to wear the Batman costume that Darius wore for his first Halloween. Darius and I took it out today and hung it in the boys closet, as Darius is on full high alert already, and needs costumes at the ready!

What is your favorite Halloween treat? Do you have and Halloween traditions? You know, besides sending your kids out to ask strangers for candy? [sort of kidding on that last one...but seriously, it's a bizarre custom when you think about it.]

Here's my favorite treats:
I have a bag of these out in the deep freeze, and every now and then I find my hot Hubby sharing a little bag with Darius...Man I wish Coconut M&M's were vegan!

Coconut Creme Hershey's Kisses are soooo not included in a plant based nutrition plan...but I have a stash in my freezer, and I can't part with them, despite not having enjoyed even one little morsel since July.

Anything from this little table would suit my fancy [just looking at the table and how beautifully all the candy is presented is satisfying my sweet tooth]:

I had a candy bar at my wedding reception, way back before anyone else was doing it [besides Martha Stewart of course] and mine looked more like this:

And there you have it! I like coconut chocolates, and candy bars - is anyone really surprised? Maybe Captain America and I will come across a coconut chocolate candy bar when we're out knocking doors on October 31st! If we do, I may have to remove my vegan status for an hour or so...maybe more ha!

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