Thursday 27 October 2011

Pumpkin Love

Have you carved your pumpkin yet? We FINALLY got around to it last night [delaying the boys snoozing big time!] but seeing as we had promised a certain someone pumpkin carving since Sunday, it was time to make good on that promise. [Does that happen for you? Where you make a promise to your kiddos - or friends - sincerely planning on following through, but time just doesn't allow you to in the time frame promised? It seems to happen a lot more now that there are two little munchkins in our roost!]  I was assigned the pumpkin design work, and the incredible Daddy was given the task of carving. I asked Darius what he wanted the pumpkin to look like and he said,"I want a HAPPY pumpkin!"

Daddy tried to talk him into a scary pumpkin [saying pumpkins aren't suppose to be happy] but Darius just threw back his head and laughed. Happy it is!

Eli enjoyed some green shake for supper while Daddy carved away under Darius' watchful eye. Can you see his cute teeth??? This little monkey has teeth number 5 and 6 coming in right now!

After some careful sketching, de-seeding, and carving, Darius had his happy pumpkin! He was so excited we had to light it up right then! I didn't get a pic of it then, so I had my little man-o pose with his pumpkin this morning.

Darius thinks his pumpkin looks like him, in fact he believes this so much he named his pumpkin "Darius Pumpkin." So cute!

Is your pumpkin carved and ready to greet trick or treaters? Or do you carve last minute? Last minute has its advantages [the pumpkin is less likely to be complete mush on the 31st for one!] but I love the festive look of a carved pumpkin on the porch too much to wait!


  1. We're definitely last-minute carvers. That way we can still bake the pumpkin and turn it into something yummy! :)

  2. good point! Wow, if I had thought of this, we may have been 'too busy' for a few more nights ha!

  3. Love that smile on Darius and the pumpkin!

  4. Your boys are so cute. Darius looks so excited! We are carving our pumpkins tonight.


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