Friday 7 October 2011

Fast and Frenzied

This week and next are stacking up to be crazy! We move on Tuesday, and so this week is packing, buying appliances, and more packing. Oh, and Thanksgiving. Which means company. Yikes! With all this on my plate, I have just spent an hour researching Christmas projects (have I mentioned that we're doing a handcrafted Christmas?) instead of packing, cleaning, or baking ahead of time...oh well.

When life seems to pick up speed, I respond by finding ways to fit in exercise, me time, and healthy eats, in a shorter time allotment [which is why we had leftover brown rice, steamed broccoli, and brown beans for supper - a winning combo for all!] The following workout took me 17 minutes to complete. Then I wanted to puke. Consider yourself warned.

5 rounds of 5 repetitions of each exercise

Push Ups
Diamond Push Ups
Dive bombers
Sit Ups (no bracing)
Leg Levers
Flutter Kicks
Lunges [5/leg]
Broad Jumps
Sumo Dead Lift High Pull [SDLHP]
100yrd Sprint [one sprint per round]

For a breakdown of what each exercise is, reference the SEALFIT site that this workout comes from. My Amazing Husband put himself through the paces with this workout at work, then came home and challenged me to do the same. He did 10 rounds of 10 reps each, but seeing as time is of the essence, he suggested sticking to 5/5 and it was killer! With only preforming 5 repetitions, it allows you to push yourself beyond capacity [which is where the after-puke affect comes into play.]

Follow up your workout with dry heaving a cool down and stretching, before diving into one of these

or these

or even one of these

What are your Thanksgiving Weekend plans? Any big dinners? or guests? Thankfully our move occurs after the craziness of the weekend, so we'll be able to enjoy vegan pumpkin pie and roasted vegetables all the same! Either way, I'll be enduring enjoying this workout again this weekend!

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