Friday 15 February 2013


Sometimes patience is a rare and value resource around our house. If sleep was stolen right out from under me [hello seven wake ups last night from one little boy! Not cool, not cool...] I tend to have less patience than those days where I wake up on my own to the sun shining, birds singing, and my Hottie Husband is home for the day to play! Seeing as the second happens far less than the first, having a plan in place seems to help my patience extend it's life at least through lunch time and my children to stay content. I hadn't realized how genius it was to have a plan until I saw a pin on pinterest and thought to myself, "now isn't that bright to make your patience plan into a visual you can post to help remind yourself when patience is wearing low and tempers are flaring hot?!?" So, to help all you other Mama's out, cause we all have days where we're feeling short on sweetness, here's a genius plan to keep you going long past bedtime!

It's simple, it's repetitive, it's pure GENIUS! Give it a shot and feel calm descend on your home.


  1. Is that the board you made? Do you have one for each of the boys? Where do you put it?

    1. It is an awesome board! I found it on pinterest [original source for the board is linked underneath the photo] but use the same technique with my kiddos. I don't have an actual board posted [if I did I'd have them in the kitchen probably since we spend a lot of time on our open concept main floor and the kitchen is the central point] but instead have a mental checklist that I run through for each boy. For example, Darius gets a warning then a 4 minute timeout, where as Eli gets a warning then his soother goes for a 2 minute timeout. Tailor the chart to your kiddo for best results :)


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