Wednesday 20 March 2013


I've been off in school for the past two days, learning and refreshing my memory in two very important tasks - standard first aid and CPR level C [meaning for adults, children, and infants.] I have been meaning to do this for forever, and finally a week and a bit ago I just called up the school, registered, and that was that. My Hottie Husband is certified, and re-certifies through work on an annual [or maybe bi-annual...not completely sure] basis, but seeing as I'm the one at home with our sweet kiddos we both felt the need to have me be up to date on life saving techniques. 
I walked in the door this afternoon so relieved to be home with my sweet little family, and was quickly made aware of why it is so important to have this training. Not only do they teach you what to do to save someone in a variety of circumstances, but the emphasis on staying calm is drilled into you at every step. So, when Eli began choking on supper [while sitting on Husbands lap, so he didn't see the visual signs of Eli's distress] I didn't hesitate or get scared, I simply told Hottie Husband Eli was choking, and he helped Eli dislodge the food. Soon after the boys were in the bath [part of their bedtime routine every night] and Eli swallowed water and began choking. I calmly reaching into the bath, retrieved my choking little man-o, and helped him dislodge the water. Once he finished puking up water and food I grabbed Darius out of the bath too - no one wants to marinate in puke ha!
And so now I sit here, having handled two previously panicky situations with ease [all on the day that I walked out of class a certified First Aid responder], and know that the $150 for the two day course is completely and utterly worth every penny. Honestly, I would have paid more - I had a fabulous instructor who went into more depth than the book or videos provided, and left me feeling ready to apply my learning.   
Don't follow my example in putting off this course - but do follow my lead in finally taking it. You'll be happy you did when your little man-o needs your help.

If you live in the Calgary area, register for your course with St.John's Ambulance by calling 403-250-2922. Ask for Dell Pratt as your teacher - he was seriously that good.

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