Monday 25 March 2013

Photo Book

Monday night I compiled, completed, submitted, and ordered a quiet book for my boys. Yeah, it's as awesomely simple and fabulous as that! My boys are very visual little men, and are happily occupied for long car rides simply by Handsome Hubby and I telling them to find specific things out the window. We use a similar method during church to keep our kiddos listening to what is being taught and not making a huge ruckus for everyone around us [and truth be told, they are not perfect at keeping still/being quiet, but they do pretty well for their two and five years.] While listening to speakers, the boys will be given a word to listen for, and each time they hear the word they can collect 'points.' Points can be redeemed for candies some days, or for a show later, or sometimes they're simply collected - it doesn't seem to matter too much what the points are going towards, as long at they get 'points.' My boys are wonderful that way :) 
  Back to the book: So, to make their points system more enjoyable and efficient during sacrament, I made a quiet book with pictures I collected through a google image search. These images include temples, Prophets, Jesus Christ, and a few others. I then uploaded these images to Shutterfly and made a quiet book of wonderful pictures [that my boys can choose their points collecting word from] to help my boys find enjoyment in stillness, quiet, and learning. The best thing about Shutterfly is if you order books from them they will send you promotional codes every now and then to redeem a FREE 8x8 hard cover book - which is what I did with my quiet book! So, with a total cost of $6.99USD, it doesn't get much better than this! The code I was sent is MYBOOK. Give the code a try, and if it doesn't work for you simply call the company and I'm betting they'll honor it for you. 
Just in case the link [found at the bottom of this post] to the book doesn't work for you, here is a sampling of the photos found in my boys book to give you an idea of what to put in yours:

Shutterfly allows you to customize your photo book just the way you want.


  1. I just ordered the book and got it for $6.99! Thanks, Katie!

  2. I just did it and it says the code doesn't work.
    Christin Kane

    1. When friends of mine and I have shared codes before we often have to call in with the code - they've honored it every time we've called in though :) Give them a call Christin; it's worth a shot!


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