Friday 1 March 2013

February in Review

With February behind us I wanted to take a moment to take stock on my Top 10 goals for before baby girl makes her grand entrance. Here's the list:

  1. Compile and submit Eli's baby book for printing - it's a doozy, but seriously how long can you put off such an important project? Apparently two years.
  2. Plan and decorate baby girls nursery.
  3. Finish the super hero bedroom for the boys.
  4. Choose and finish a quilt design for baby girl.
  5. Finish decorating the master bedroom.
  6. Walk everyday to build up strength and endurance for the marathon to come - yep, I'm talking to you labor.
  7. Enjoy yoga three times a week, also for labor prep.
  8. Sort through the boys toys and donate a bunch to charity.
  9. Spend time with friends every month [and yes I know its pathetic that 'spending time with friends' made it onto a to do list; but really if I don't plan/prioritize it, it's not going to happen.]
  10. Have a family over for dinner every month.

So, how am I doing on these?

1. All of the photos from Eli's first year are uploaded to the photobook site and ready to be made into his book! This took forever, but man am I excited to get that book completed for my little man!

2. Currently the nursery has a mattress and box spring leaning agaisnst the wall, and a table and chair in the corner...and no plan as to what is going to happen moving forward. BUT I have a pinterest board that is over flowing with ideas and helping the plan come into focus! 

check out this image and many others on my nursery decor pinterest board

3. The boys bedroom is so close to being done, but it to is not ready for a grand reveal. It is far enough along that both boys love it, so it's not been given very high priority either...and may stay low on the totem pole for a while...

4. I have chosen a quilt design for baby girl! And it will be finished soon and ready to share with you all!

5. This too is in the same low spot as the boys room. Our master bedroom is not anywhere near what I envision it to be, but it is my energy and enthusiasm are easily sidetracked onto other projects.

6 & 7. Walking everyday and yoga three times a week hasn't happened consistently, but exercise in general has been VERY consistent! With an average of 5 workouts a week I am very pleased with where I'm at. 

With week three having two yoga sessions and week four having three [four if March 1st counts too!] yoga is becoming more consistent again. Walking has been a minimum of twice and max of four times each week, and weight training has rounded out the rest. Over all I'm really happy with where I'm at - yeah for starting iron supplements and getting some energy back!

8. The boys toys are slowly being sorted through. I've had Darius help me with this endeavor and he really likes the idea of donating toys to boys who don't have any. For being a rough and tumble boy he is also very sensitive and practical - for example, when I brought him home a new math work book today he asked me very pointedly,"Mom, did you get this on sale?" He was very pleased that I had haha!

9. Spending time with friends sometimes falls to the way side, but planning really has made this one work for me. I went out with a great long time friend of mine at the beginning of the month, met up with women from my church mid month, and hung out with my sister last week. I do plan on going out tonight even if I can wake up! So this one is also a marked improvement over last month!

10. And having friends and family for dinner has also happened! I organized a big cousins dinner at the beginning of the month, we had another family dinner for Eli's birthday mid month, Uncle Brayden [my brother whom my boys are obsessed with] has come for dinner a few times, Auntie Marin [ my sister who wishes my boys were obsessed with her too ha!] and Uncle Andrew came for dinner, and my Mom also joined us for dinner. 

Another month down, and I truly feel like progress was made! I'm 31 weeks today which means I really need to pick up steam on the decorating projects, but I'm thrilled to be able to look back on February and see that progress has been made!

What projects do you have on the go right now? Do you feel like you're four weeks closer to completing your big "to do's" or are you now kicking yourself for letting four weeks slip by? Either way, whether kicking or happy, I hope you set your intention on progress and purpose this month. Move forward with your eye on the goal - something good is bound to happen!


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